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Carbide Recycling Program

Get extra company cash with Taylor Metals by cashing in your old Carbide inserts and end-mills through our environmental friendly Cabide Recycling Program.


Today about 40% of new material is produced from reclaimed scrap carbide. Scrap carbide is recyclable in mostly all forms. The most popular scrap carbide is in the form used in the metalworking manufacturing process. Scrap carbide inserts and carbide round tools; drills, end mills, etc: provide the largest percentage of reclaimable material. Carbide from the wood working industry also provides a percentage in the form of saw tips, planner knives and molding/shaper cutters. The primary metals industry also uses carbide in the form of rolls, slitter knives, dies and wear parts in other metal forming functions.  Carbide can also be found in sludge form, also known as Carbide soft scrap.


Scrap carbide will continue to be a growing source for new carbide in the manufacturing industry of today and for generations to come.




  • We buy all Carbide tooling, regardless of brand or condition.

  • Customer satisfaction is always our #1 priority. 

  • We are available 7 days a week for questions or quotes on materials.

  • Fast and reliable shipping process.  Shipping us materials is very affordable.

  • A payment is sent out within 24 hours upon recieving the material.

  • Any payment form available, your choice.

  • Free local pickup.  (Greater Los Angeles Area)




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